Doggie “I Do’s and Don’ts”


So your very best friend is your dog and you and your partner have decided that you want the precious pooch to be part of your wedding party.  Having your dog, cat or pony part of your wedding ceremony is becoming a popular and admittedly catchy wedding day trend.  The question is exactly how should you include your four legged friend without causing any great disruptions or added wedding day stress.

Here are some quick pointers if you are thinking you want to include your furry friend in your wedding day plans.

Outdoor ceremonies, outdoor receptions and outdoor picture taking is the best time to include your pet.  Steer away from including pets at full indoor events unless it is just a quick walk down an aisle and out to the pooch sitters from there.

Make sure that your dog has been taken out for a good run the morning of your event.  There is nothing more beneficial to quell bad doggie manners than an extra long walk in the park to unleash pent up over active puppy behaviour.

If you are walking up the aisle with Rover make sure to put him on a leash.  Decorate the leash in your wedding colours and pass off your pet to the person who will be your official wedding day pet sitter as soon as you make it to your hubby to be.


If you decide riding bareback into your outdoor wedding hoedown is the perfect touch to your western themed wedding some serious pre-planning should take place.  Make sure bathing your horse with extra special care and a fresh scented shampoo is a task done the day of the wedding.   Entwine your wedding day flowers and coloured ribbons thru his tail and mane for a picture perfect photo op walk down the aisle.  Horses can get jumpy when placed into unfamiliar situations so ensure your horse knows you well and his character is of a calm nature.  Have this type of wedding in an open field type setting to ensure your guests have some distance from you as you ride in on your horse.


Finally make sure to inform your photographer well in advance that an animal will be part of your wedding day plans.  The more time your photographer has to plan this added touch the more creative pictures she will be prepared to capture for the two of you.

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