What’s Your Shade?

This summer, brides will be taking hues from the brightly coloured flowers that will be blooming at the same time as their weddings. Intense colours are popular this season as brides become more experimental and care-free. Major colour trends are aubergine, fuschia, chartreuse, mustard, and coral. Pair up complimentary colours for a perfect summer wedding.

Aubergine pairs well with white, green, and paler shades of purple. It represents nobility and timelessness. For this reason, keep your colour scheme simple. Green as an accent colour works well because it is also a colour that connotes royalty. Because aubergine is such a rich colour it is best suited for indoor weddings.Image
Fuschia is a great colour for your summer wedding because it is fun and girly. Bridesmaids will love this colour trend. It pairs well with navy creating a nautical and preppy colour scheme. This colour combination is fun for both the bride and the groom, pairing both feminine and masculine colours to create a perfect balance.
The connection to nature that chartreuse and olive green have make them great summer wedding colour  choices for your outdoor wedding. For bold brides, chartreuse and lemon yellow is one option for an afternoon wedding. Olive can be paired with aubergine or coral for a richer colour scheme. Have fun when pairing greens with other colours and mimic the scheme in your floral arrangements.
Mustard paired with the simplicity of black and white turn a classic colour scheme into something invigorating. For brides whose style is timeless, add a unique accent such as mustard for a very trendy option and a replacement for the traditional red.
Coral is a vibrant colour trend for the summer. Both coral and apple red match well with tiffany blue for brides that want to have a retro-inspired wedding. Brides are embracing the fun 50s feeling of these colours for their summer weddings.
While bold colours are popular, it is important to limit colour schemes to a maximum of two intense colours with one accent colour. Too much colour can turn a well-planned wedding into an overwhelming visual smorgasbord  for your guests. Have fun with colour but remember that simplicity is memorable and easy to photograph.

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