Gothic Wedding Epidemic

In the past two years the idea of being undead has been glamorized and commercialized.   The trend began with “Twilight” and quickly escalated into shows like “True Blood” or “The Walking Dead”.

Reflecting back on past Halloweens, we have seen an increase in kids and adults trading in being fairies and princesses to being blood sucking monsters… or their victims!!!   Now this is all fine for events like Halloween and certain events throughout the year (Windsor’s recent Zombie Walk).  But I must admit I do have question the increase in Gothic and/or Zombie weddings.

Done right, a Gothic Wedding can be an edgy and beautiful event.  The couple we have featured in this blog took the Gothic theme and ran with it but in the right direction with the perfect balance of class and Goth.  Judging by their appearances a classic wedding would have been far too boring for this couple, so by bringing purple and crystal into their wedding decor they created a wedding with lots of glam as well as a suggestion of darkness.



For the bold bride who feels a normal wedding just isn’t enough, I personally encourage brides to step out of the box but remember that this day will be recorded on paper and digitally for years to come.  Be creative without being morbid and be mindful that you want to create a wedding with class at the same time.   Do not try to outdo other weddings by trying to be overly dramatic. Subtleness always works best with any theme. 

 When you think of a Goth Wedding you typically may envision red as your colour décor choice. I understand red is the first thing but my advice is to think differently.  Don’t do what’s been done before. Try to add the element of elusiveness and be unique.  There is an array of colours to choose from that will give your wedding the edginess you crave and the individuality you need.  Consider colours like violet, resolution blue, charcoal grey, blood orange and acid pink.   These colours can work perfectly to tie in the Goth theme with immense room for creativity.  Remember to communicate with your décor stylist on the specific shades and hues you want used throughout your wedding so that all colour tones work together in unison.Image

Ensure your wedding will stand out in a positive way by incorporating dramatic pieces of décor and clothing.  These focal points can make an impression without taking over the wedding.  Your bridal bouquet is a good place to start your décor idea theme.    To add a Gothic spin on your bouquet consider playing with darker colours including black.  Roses are often overused in Goth weddings and finding new textures and floral to use in your bouquets could be just the right touch of mystique you are looking for.  


Lastly remember to have your wedding cake carry on with the fun Goth theme!!  When it is time to cut the cake why not make this a spectacle that your guests will rave about?  Consider ringing a low bell and having your guests gather around the cake as eerie music is playing in the background.   Let your imagination run wild as you and your spouse cut the cake in a non-traditional manner sharing pieces of the cake on black china. Make sure to grab everyone’s attention and include them in the cake cutting ceremony.   


At the end of the day be it the classic wedding of your dreams or the dark creepy wedding made for nightmares  ensure your wedding  has your signature and make it creatively your special day.

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